Understanding Prophecy
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Package One
  Disc 1   Decoding the Apocalypse

Package Two
  Disc 2   Prediction to an Ancient King
Mystery Babylon Exposed!
  Disc 3 The Bible's Greatest Time Prophecy
The New American Empire
  Disc 4 A Bang or a Whimper: How Will the World End?
The Jerusalem Question
  Disc 5 Preview of the Coming Age
The Mystery of Godliness
  Disc 6 Exploring Life After Death
  Disc 7 Crime and the Ten Commandment Crisis
War of the Universe

Package Three
  Disc 8   Revelation's Beast Identified
The Mark of the Beast
  Disc 9 Daniel's Prophecies Unsealed
Facing the Judgment Without Fear
  Disc 10 How Hot is Hell?
How Reliable is Fortune Telling?
  Disc 11 The Dragon's Final War
Ancient Medical Secrets Discovered
  Disc 12 The Harlot and the Seven-Headed Beast
The Road to Armageddon
  Disc 13   Maximize the Blessing


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